Starting in February, Vancouver, Canada explodes with a vibrance of colour from many Spring flowers. For many residents and visitors, it’s the plum and cherry blossoms that are most awaited. As the city awakens after a usual dull and rainy late Autumn and Winter, the blossom trees are not hard to find. There are an estimated 40,000 cherry blossom trees in Vancouver with most being planted after the mid-twentieth century when the traditional, and very large, elms, oaks, and maples were replaced.

One of the most important moments of Vancouver history from a flora perspective happened in the 1930s, when the mayors of Kobe and Yokohama, Japan gave the city a gift of 500 cherry blossom trees. After that, the people of Vancouver fell in love with the cherry blossoms and planted them in parks, in front of homes, and along streets where the old trees once stood. With a lot of driving and some word-of-mouth, I discovered many beautiful streets in Vancouver, and saw some of the best blossom tunnels to be found anywhere. I wasn’t the only one, and, at times, would be among dozens of others at my favourite cherry blossom tunnel in East Vancouver.

For some who refer to a Japanese cherry blossom tree are actually looking at a plum. I’m a little confused myself so feel free to correct me when I’m wrong in the comments below. I often took the easy way out and just identified the trees as “blossoms.” I’ll work on my tree identification this year. Now, please join me on “Scenes of Sakura, Plum and Cherry Blossoms of Vancouver.”

No, it isn’t snow, but blossom petals. Taken on my favourite cherry blossom street in East Vancouver.

Vancouver cherry blossom petals snow

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Sorry, I’m still catching up with my weekly posts. Instead of excuses, let’s get on with it. These are my photos of the week posted to social media!

On the eve of the monster snow storm… It’s going to rain off and on for the next week here in Vancouver, but I don’t envy those of you in Eastern Canada and the USA. If the monster snow storm has its sights on you, I wish you the very best. Stay safe!

No photos of monster storms here… or even monsters, but…
A smiling daffodil :)
From my favourite Spring planter at Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver, Canada.

Daffodil QE Park tulips Vancouver

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It’s been a crazy past few weeks for me. Between the holidays, moving, an operation, and caring for a family member who is now in the hospital, I’m behind on my weekly posts. Thats okay because my priority is my dear Aunt who I shall dedicate this post to. I show her my photos every day and they brighten her up. Now, please join me on my photos of the week posted to social media, late edition.


A whole lot of rose…
Late Spring in the gardens of Stanley Park, Vancouver, Canada.

roses bright stanley park vancouver

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If you ever visit Vancouver, Canada, I really recommend a drive into the interior of the province of British Columbia. About 2 hours east of Vancouver along Highway 3 is Manning Provincial Park. Whether you’re into hiking or just relaxing, it’s a beautiful place to visit. Many of the photos in this post are from Manning Park but for more, please read my blog posts, Golden Larches of Frosty Mountain and Lupines and Paintbrush, Flowers and Meadows of Mount Outram. Now, please join me on my photos of the week posted to social media.


A little cuteness featuring this Columbian Ground Squirrel. Summertime at Lightning Lakes, Manning Provincial Park!

Columbian Ground Squirrel Manning Park lightning

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Happy New Year. An Earthquake. Yes, just as I was about to go to sleep on Tuesday of last week, I was gently rattled by the first earthquake felt in Vancouver (at least, by me) since the Seattle one in 2001. I checked Twitter to confirm that it was a quake and realized it was felt by many in Washington State and southwest British Columbia, Canada. Soon, the local news had live coverage, and instead of going to sleep before midnight, it was well past 1AM. Luckily there was no damage or injuries but it was still enough to shake me up (get it?). Sorry about that. Now, let’s take a look at my photos posted to social media in the past week with the emphasis on snowy scenes.


Garibaldi Mountain and Lake, and The Table from Panorama Ridge in Garibaldi Provincial Park, Canada. Looks like Winter but actually taken in the Spring!

Garibaldi Lake Mountain table Panorama

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I’m posting a few days after Christmas and I hope you all are having a safe and very happy holiday season. For those of you with a week off between Christmas and New Year’s Day, lucky you. I hope you can relax and have fun. Now, please join me on my photos posted to social media in the past week.


A peaceful scene…
near Abbotsford in the Fraser Valley of Canada, Springtime!

Abbotsford Fraser Valley Red Barn

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