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While some people plan their Camino de Santiago for years, I had less than two months. Seriously, I didn’t know that much about the Camino until I booked my flight and started planning. I certainly didn’t think about writing a book until the latter days of my journey. Even then, I wasn’t sure. Initially, I felt too shy writing anything about myself, especially regarding personal matters. Since I’m basically a nobody, I thought readers wouldn’t care what I had to say. Most of the time, I don’t really care what I have to say myself. I started writing this as part reflection of my Camino, and part guidebook with historical notes. As I progressed, it was becoming evident that I was writing a book so large that nobody would be able to lift it, let alone pay a price that would make it economical. It was a mishmash without a clear focus.

After about three months of writing, I decided to take the guidebook portion out, keep historical notes brief, and only include my journey and observations. One day, however, I plan to release a guidebook on a twenty day French Way, but not yet.

I wanted to maintain the integrity of my Camino from St. Jean Pied de Port to Santiago de Compostela. My writing had to be honest and based on events which actually happened. I know some of it may be dry, but I wanted to keep my journey intact and not make up anything, including dialogue. Believe me, if I made sh*t up, this book would be far more entertaining.

I also wanted to tell my journey as someone who walked the entire French Way with a full backpack. I know if I was badly out of shape, packed poorly, or had too heavy of a backpack, I could get myself into situations that would be somewhat
entertaining. However, I thought I was ready and reasonably in shape.

So with that said, please join me, and remember this book is rated…..

Pilgrim Discretion is Advised

©2011, Randall St. Germain, Camino de Santiago in 20 Days

About Randall St. Germain

Randall St. Germain, author of Camino de Santiago In 20 Days, is a middle-aged Canadian Boy who is passionate about nature, photography, hiking, music, and self-improvement. After the death of his mother, he chose to walk the famous pilgrimage, the Camino de Santiago, across the north of Spain, despite knowing little about it. He certainly didn’t plan to write a book until the latter days of his Camino. Similar to walking the Camino, writing and publishing a book was a learning experience. It was also very rewarding, and part of his ongoing journey. Please join him as he takes you along on his journey in Camino de Santiago In 20 Days, and on his blog Camino My Way.