Tulips in the Rain

March 10, 2016 — 2 Comments

Last Spring, I did something I never had before. I purposely went out in the rain to take photos of tulips. Please enjoy this collection taken in parks and gardens around Vancouver, Canada. This is Tulips in the Rain, and sometimes, after the rain.


I loved this double tulip with forget-me-nots… from the gardens of Queen Elizabeth Park.

Tulips rain forget me not Queen Elizabeth park



Also in Queen Elizabeth Park, pretty yellow and cream tulips with a background of red azaleas.

Tulips rain azalea Queen Elizabeth park



I was fascinated with these twisted pink tulips. You will see many on this post. Taken after the rain at VanDusen Botanical Garden.

tulip raindrops pink vandusen garden Vancouver



Another double tulip garden, this time with a deep purple variety!

Tulips purple rain Vancouver



The Big Drip… you wouldn’t believe how long I watched this drip on this double tulip in a planter at VanDusen Botanical Garden. I watched the drip get bigger and bigger and bigger until… well I moved on after 15 minutes, but I’m sure the drop was quite spectacular 🙂

tulip double big drop vandusen garden Vancouver



Red reflection after the rain… Tulips of the Valley Festival, east of Vancouver.

reflection tulips valley festival Canada





Hang on critter! I wish you could see the full image here because the bug has its eyes on me. Very cute! Taken at Queen Elizabeth Park.

Tulip pink twisted bug Queen Elizabeth park



I believe this was at Stanley Park.

tulips in rain Vancouver canada



I visited this beautiful patch of tulips at VanDusen a few times including this occasion after a Spring shower.

tulip red raindrop vandusen garden Vancouver



Great mix of colour at this double tulip garden at Queen Elizabeth Park.

Tulips double garden Queen Elizabeth park



This tulip from the same garden had an interesting, odd shape.

Tulips double raindrops Queen Elizabeth park



I call this a Whisper and a Tear. I’m not sure what the daffodil bud said to the tulip but I hope it was nice. Queen Elizabeth Park.

Tulips raindrop daffodil Queen Elizabeth park



This is most likely a botanical variety of tulips in a small patch at VanDusen Botanical Garden.

tulips pink raindrops vandusen garden





One of my favourite gardens at VanDusen, a beautiful mix of deep pink and white tulips. Let’s take a closer look…

tulips pink vandusen garden Vancouver



pink tulip vandusen garden Vancouver



Forget-me-nots and this pretty tulip near the fountain at Queen Elizabeth Park.

tulip forget me not qe park vancouver



More with the twisted pink tulips. I still haven’t figured out the name but I hope it’s exciting. The first two photos were from Queen Elizabeth Park and the last two from planters at VanDusen.

Tulips twisted pink Queen Elizabeth park bc



tulip twisted pink vandusen garden Vancouver



tulip rain pink vandusen Vancouver



pink tulip vandusen garden canada



Red tulip garden at Queen Elizabeth Park.

raindrops red tulip qe park vancouver



The planter at Queen Elizabeth Park.

Tulips rain Queen Elizabeth park canada

queen elizabeth park vancouver tulip rain




Back to the very colourful planter at VanDusen.

tulip double raindrop vandusen garden Vancouver



I took these in the rain… double tulip garden at Queen Elizabeth Park.

pink Tulip rain Queen Elizabeth park vancouver



Tulips forget me not Queen Elizabeth park raindrops



Tulip double touch rain qe park



And finally…

tulip double rain Queen Elizabeth park vancouver


I hope you enjoyed my post featuring tulips in the rain. I can’t wait to take more photos of tulips this Spring… in and out of the rain. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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  1. Ileana Caraballo March 10, 2016 at 1:24 pm

    Thank you you made my day, thi is my favorite flowers I am so thankful to be able to look this beautiful collection god blessyou and your work.

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