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Top 50 Songs of 2016

February 16, 2017 — Leave a comment

Originally, this was going to be a top 25 chart but I had many more songs under consideration. My top 25 became 30, then 40, and finally, 50. As you’ll see, I’m enjoying new Country Music, with less of an emphasis on new pop and rock. I heard a lot of pop, though, and a few songs are here. As for new rock, except for very few songs, I didn’t hear much that made me interested. For the most part, Country is my new pop and rock. I love live music and guitar!

As for this chart, I only included songs that were released in 2016 or the end of 2015. I made a couple of exceptions for songs that were slow to be picked up by radio and their major exposure was in 2016. Additionally, two songs were not released as singles. An important note: The copyrights belong with the artists and their publishing companies, as I don’t imply any ownership. If you enjoy any of these songs, please buy and stream them, and request them on your favourite station. This is a long, long post so let’s get to it. These are my Top 50 Songs of 2016.


1. Black – Dierks Bentley

Make my world go black, hit me like a heart attack… “Drunk on a Plane” from Dierks Bentley’s, last album, “Riser,” was released about the same time as I rediscovered Country Music two years ago and I was a big fan from the moment I heard it. I eagerly anticipated Dierk’s new album, “Black,” and wasn’t disappointed. You’ll find three songs from “Black” in the top 25 of my chart but there were two more that fell just outside of the top 50. The title track really hit my emotions. Such a beautiful song, it’s my #1 of the year. This is Dierks Bentley and “Black.”

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