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March 15, 2013 — 4 Comments

On this guest post, blogger and aspiring author, Jim Heskett, shows us his way as he takes us on a little journey around Singapore.

My friends told me that Singapore is a “westernized” version of Asia. It’s the country that’s also a city, sort of like Coruscant in Star Wars. +20 nerd points if you know what Coruscant is. After leaving my native USA to live in Australia for a year, I thought I would be prepared for anything that international travel could throw at me. When I arrived in Singapore, I realized that I had a lot to learn. In Singapore, everything is a little bit different than I had expected. This is like being in some sci-fi movie, and Harrison Ford will come around the corner, hot on the tail of a replicant.

It’s hot here. Unforgivingly hot!


Fans Hot Singapore


I began my stay in Singapore with a self-guided walking tour of the city. Don’t forget to wait for the Green Man to cross.

Singapore, Crossing Green Man


Huge buildings, outdoor markets with aggressive hawkers, mingled in with two hundred year old Hindu and Buddhist temples. The ultimate clash of old and new. The main shrine inside The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum is built from 402 kilograms of gold.

Singapore Buddhist temple tooth


 Outside of The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum.

Buddha Tooth temple


Food is cheap and outdoor markets are around every corner. I found it difficult sometimes to locate something edible for my American palette. I’ll walk around, and say, “well, this place has curried fish heads and jellyfish dumplings, and that place over there has curried jellyfish and fish head dumplings…” I hope, at least, they have removed most of the teeth.

Singapore market seafood jellyfish


Ironically, many westernized fast food places (like McDonalds) have sprung up in Singapore in recent years. They are considered exotic and are quite popular. The locals still love the shark fin, though.

Singapore store, sharks fin


It’s hard to walk more than a few hundred feet in Singapore without stumbling across a beautiful religious building. Many are adorned with statues and murals, and such intricate architecture. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the grandeur of it all. This is the Mariamman Temple.

Singapore Mariamman temple


One unforgettable experience of Singapore is the durians. Oh, man, the durians. You might have heard of these as the ‘smelly fruit’. Considered a delicacy in this part of the world, you can smell durians from ten feet away. There are signs on cabs and trains that they are not allowed onboard. A durian would never sneak up on someone.

Durians Market Singapore


I was determined to try one, however. Once I had enlisted some friends, I finally worked up the courage to try the durian. I can only describe the experience as something like eating mushy, sour meat… maybe I can just let my reaction in the photo below speak for itself…

Blogger Author Jim Heskett

Jim Heskett is an aspiring novelist, a sporadic blogger, a mediocre musician, and a big fan of skiing, hiking, and camping. He spent a few years travelling the globe, and has recorded many of those adventures on his website. He’s also really trying to get into this Twitter thing, and would love it if you followed him there. He promises to tweet fun and funny stuff to make it worth your while. Please visit his website at:

 Jim Heskett


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  1. I looked over the places on this blog. What incredible places to visit. I love to travel and hope I make it to many if them. Found you on Got Blog Spot/Linkedin.

  2. What a gorgeous page, Randall. Love it!

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