Scenes of Sakura, Plum and Cherry Blossoms of Vancouver

February 6, 2016 — 10 Comments

Starting in February, Vancouver, Canada explodes with a vibrance of colour from many Spring flowers. For many residents and visitors, it’s the plum and cherry blossoms that are most awaited. As the city awakens after a usual dull and rainy late Autumn and Winter, the blossom trees are not hard to find. There are an estimated 40,000 cherry blossom trees in Vancouver with most being planted after the mid-twentieth century when the traditional, and very large, elms, oaks, and maples were replaced.

One of the most important moments of Vancouver history from a flora perspective happened in the 1930s, when the mayors of Kobe and Yokohama, Japan gave the city a gift of 500 cherry blossom trees. After that, the people of Vancouver fell in love with the cherry blossoms and planted them in parks, in front of homes, and along streets where the old trees once stood. With a lot of driving and some word-of-mouth, I discovered many beautiful streets in Vancouver, and saw some of the best blossom tunnels to be found anywhere. I wasn’t the only one, and, at times, would be among dozens of others at my favourite cherry blossom tunnel in East Vancouver.

For some who refer to a Japanese cherry blossom tree are actually looking at a plum. I’m a little confused myself so feel free to correct me when I’m wrong in the comments below. I often took the easy way out and just identified the trees as “blossoms.” I’ll work on my tree identification this year. Now, please join me on “Scenes of Sakura, Plum and Cherry Blossoms of Vancouver.”

No, it isn’t snow, but blossom petals. Taken on my favourite cherry blossom street in East Vancouver.

Vancouver cherry blossom petals snow



Beautiful later blossoms of Kanzan from East Vancouver with the mountains of the North Shore in the background.

cherry blossom sunrise east vancouver spring



This is an amazing blossom tunnel in East Vancouver that attracted many fascinated people on this beautiful Spring day.

Sakura Cherry blossom Tunnel Vancouver canada



Cumulus clouds and cherry blossoms near the fountain at Queen Elizabeth Park.

Cherry Blossom clouds Queen Elizabeth Park



A kitten perhaps enjoying the beautiful blossoms?

Vancouver cherry blossom sidewalk kitten

I just loved the sky here on a beautiful evening in North Burnaby.

cherry blossom bluesky clouds



On the same evening and street in North Burnaby, looking toward Metrotown.

cherry blossom sunset burnaby canada



Back to East Vancouver and the sunrise behind the cherry blossoms.

Cherry Blossom Path Sunrise East Vancouver



After the rain… a recently fallen cherry blossom.

cherry blossom flower



Not exactly in Vancouver but in Bradner, famous for its daffodil festival. I believe this is a plum blossom in front of a field of daffodils (I’m sure about the daffodils).

bradner Daffodils sakura blossom



Kanzan blossoms and Mount Seymour, taken from Vancouver.

Sakura blossoms Vancouver Mount Seymour

A favourite spot to visit a few times during the Spring, this Kanzan blossom tunnel near Knight and Kingsway.

Vancouver cherry blossom tunnel



A whole lot of brightness here… Blossoms on blossoms and blue sky.

cherry blossom brightness



I wasn’t the only one who thought this cherry blossom tunnel in East Vancouver was amazing!

Cherry Blossom tunnel east Vancouver



Further into the Fraser Valley east of Vancouver… plum blossoms and Mount Cheam from Agassiz.

Cherry blossoms Mount Cheam Agassiz



Magnolia on cherry blossoms in Vancouver.

Magnolia Cherry blossoms vancouver



Blossoms and Burnaby… can’t forget the beautiful evening sky too.

cherry blossom sakura sunset burnaby



Love the colours on this gorgeous cherry blossom tunnel in Vancouver.

Spring Sakura blossoms tunnel Vancouver



Blossoms in the glow of the sunset.

Sakura blossoms flowers Sunset



Mountains of the North Shore and Kanzan blossoms in East Vancouver.

blossoms mountains sakura sunrise vancouver



Cherry blossoms near sunset, Burnaby.

Sakura cherry blossom Sunset Burnaby Canada



Blossoms under cumulus skies, Queen Elizabeth Park.

cherry blossoms queen elizabeth park vancouver

Plum blossoms and cumulus skies.

Sakura cumulus skies vancouver



I woke up early for this shot at sunrise with the blossoms in East Vancouver.

Sakura tunnel sunrise Vancouver Canada



One more of Burnaby through the blossoms.

cherry blossom sunset burnaby bc



One of the famous Cherry Blossom trees at VanDusen Botanical Garden in Vancouver. That’s me, by the way 🙂

Randall st germain cherry blossom tree vandusen



After a good look around the cherry blossoms, the kitten leaves for home.

cherry blossom tunnel kitten Vancouver


It’s time for me to go home too, or, at least, to say goodbye. I hope you enjoyed the cherry and plum blossoms of Vancouver. Thanks for visiting 🙂

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10 responses to Scenes of Sakura, Plum and Cherry Blossoms of Vancouver

  1. The cherry blossoms in Vancouver are stunning. I miss them now that I’m living in Spain but we do have almond blossoms which are also beautiful!!

    • They sure are. Can’t believe the blossoms are almost blooming again. Always an exciting few months ahead. Didn’t know you moved to Spain, Darlene. Enjoy your time there 🙂

  2. Thanks…. beautiful cherry blossoms…it is the Beauty of Vancouver street .Also I like to admire the variety of colours and long livingness of the blossom trees.thank you so much for planters I mean the peoples of the van. city and the Japan.walking at the end of the road rejuvenate someone’s mind in Vancouver really because of the cherry blossom trees.thanks again my friend for your potential and skill ….u are always best photographer for me.

  3. Stunning…Do you mind sharing where the 12th photo (the one with cherry blossoms and Mt Seymour together) was taken at? I’d like to take some photos myself too ^_^

    • Thanks, Ming. Glad you enjoy the photos. That photo is from East Vancouver, somewhere above China Creek Park and Great Northern Way. Sorry, I don’t remember the exact location, but if you drive along 5th, 6th, and 7th, north of Broadway and west of Clark, you should get some good views of Sakura and the mountains. There are also some nice cherry blossom streets in the area too. Isn’t this a fun time of the year. All the best with your photos 🙂

  4. Wow, this is stunningly beautiful! Do you mind sharing the location of the second photo (blossom petals)? I’d like to see it with my own eyes! Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures.

    • Thanks, David. That is in East Vancouver. The street one North of 1st Ave along Windermere. The street was quite beautiful last weekend but I would go there ASAP! Blossoms won’t last long but they do put on a nice “snow” show! 🙂

  5. Someone who will visit Vancouver during the 2017 Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival cited your page and asked whether she will see these flowers. I answered her, and made some corrections to the names, added names for a few others. My posting is at
    Particularly of note – the double white flowers are ‘Shiro-fugen’ cherries. I’m very impressed that you didn’t identify any plums as cherries.

    Do you live here? Would you want to be a cherry scout and post photos in the Neighbourhood Blogs on our UBCBG forums?

    • Wendy, I am very sorry. I was cleaning up my spam today and found your comment. I joined you on a walk a few years ago and it was excellent. Thanks for all of your information. I’m too late to be a scout for this season but will consider it next year. Take care and all the best 🙂

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