Meeting Roger the Marmot at the Fairmont Empress, Victoria

January 17, 2017 — 2 Comments

With so much absurdness and negativity in the World — and I’m only talking about the real news — I thought it was time to publish something light. I hope you don’t mind. Last Spring, I unexpectedly met someone for the first time on the grounds of the Fairmont Empress in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Such a pleasant, peaceful visit. Please meet…

Roger the Marmot 🙂

Roger is hiding here. Maybe he’s a little shy… C’mon Roger, come out and say hello.


Here he comes.



Yes, that’s a pretty pink tulip.



What do you see? It can’t be another marmot. I better explain. Roger is Yellow-Bellied Marmot which is not native to Vancouver Island or the West Coast. Roger is believed to have originated from Alberta but it’s unknown how he arrived to Victoria. Greyhound? Hitchhiking?  A flight and a parachute into the city? Whatever the means, we do know that Roger somehow made it to the grounds of the Fairmont Empress with no other Yellow-Bellied Marmots within a few hundred kilometers. Roger may be lonely for a marmot companion, but he has become a favourite of the locals and tourists. He was named after a former general manager of the hotel whose name was… you guessed it. Roger.



“Wow, those flowers sure look pretty. Time to visit the garden.”



“I think I’ll hide and pretend I’m a tulip. You can’t see me, can you?”



Ummmm…. just barely, Roger 🙂



Okay, it’s time for Roger to eat. Maybe a little grass to start…





Roger, can I get you a tissue?



And now for the main course, this colourful tulip.








“Did you know I only eat the stem? I’m still hungry. What else is there to eat?”





“Did you say you have seed?”



Yes. Please check out my YouTube video and get up close to a hungry Roger.



Back to the garden.



“Aren’t I adorable? Don’t you just want to take me home?”



“Just keep me away from the dog. They terrify me.”



“Actually, it’s a Federal offence to take me home. I’m not only endangered, I’m also protected.”

The Yellow-Bellied Marmot is not yet protected, but don’t tell Roger. I know it’s illegal to marmotnap him, though. Please don’t (Yes, I just made up the word, marmotnap) 🙂



One more of my favourite scenes before Roger and I say goodbye.


I fondly remember my two Spring visits with Roger on the grounds of the Fairmont Empress. When I went back in the Summer, Roger wasn’t around. I sure hope he’s okay. I’ll check on him again the next time I visit beautiful Victoria. I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by 🙂

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About Randall St. Germain

Randall St. Germain, author of Camino de Santiago In 20 Days, is a middle-aged Canadian Boy who is passionate about nature, photography, hiking, music, and self-improvement. After the death of his mother, he chose to walk the famous pilgrimage, the Camino de Santiago, across the north of Spain, despite knowing little about it. He certainly didn’t plan to write a book until the latter days of his Camino. Similar to walking the Camino, writing and publishing a book was a learning experience. It was also very rewarding, and part of his ongoing journey. Please join him as he takes you along on his journey in Camino de Santiago In 20 Days, and on his blog Camino My Way.


2 responses to Meeting Roger the Marmot at the Fairmont Empress, Victoria

  1. Well! Roger sure is a star … he knows how to pose for the camera! Nice to see him, he has some cousins in Australia who look quite like him. Hope he is happy eating tulips some where…

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