If you’re near sea level on the Camino del Norte, you can be assured that you won’t be there for long. Vice versa, if you’re at the height of land along a ridge or on top of a hill or mountain, a drop in elevation, often to the sea, is likely coming soon. It was in Getaria, in the middle of a warm afternoon, I looked at my map and elevation profile, and said to myself, “I can do this!” It was wishful thinking, but a little foolish considering my fitness. Ahead of me was 18 kilometers of ups and downs, including two strenuous climbs to Deba.

I left my last post, On the Camino Del Norte in Spain, Zarautz to Getaria, facing Monument Juan Sebastian Elcano. Let’s turn around and look at the roundabout, highlighted by this open boat. After a short break, I had a quick walk around the town and rejoined the Camino del Norte.

boat Getaria Basque Spain Camino del norte

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Let’s create a plan for your next journey. This is the fun part! Go to the plan creation page. You can also find it by clicking on “Trip tools” and then “Create your own plan.” First, name your plan. My plan is called “Springtime in London” because I enjoyed my stay before my first walk on the Camino de Santiago so much. I can’t wait to return!

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For many pilgrims, Zarautz is a logical choice for their second night on the Camino del Norte. If you have time, spend a few hours or even a day. I was surprised how modern and touristy the Basque town was. I think many of us gravitate toward the beach but make sure you explore the downtown too. As for me, I had my sights on Deba for my second night. It was a strenuous 22 kilometers away which I don’t recommend on the second day, especially for an out-of-shape pilgrim like I was!

I left my last post, A Walk in Zarautz, Spain – On and Off the Camino Del Norte, just on the outskirts of Zarautz. Now, let’s continue along the Cantabrian Sea for a scenic, and I must add, very flat, walk to Getaria.

Shore Zarautz Getaria Spain Camino del norte copy

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Although, I had only known my walking companions for a day, it felt much longer. Since we had met on the seaside trail above San Sebastián, we shared our own little adventure which included a few good laughs on and off the Camino del Norte. This day was enjoyable as we walked, had lunch in Orio, and experienced the first views of Zarautz together. I was glad to have the company of the ladies but I knew that if I wanted to complete the Camino del Norte in a reasonable time, I had to continue walking past the early afternoon.

I left my last post, On the Camino Del Norte in Spain, Orio to Zarautz, just after I said goodbye to the ladies who were off to the beach for a relaxing afternoon and evening. Now, let’s continue along the Camino to the Franciscan monastery, Convento de San Juan Bautista, which was founded by Zarautz native Don Juan de Manzisidor in the early 17th century. The Convento which houses a church, a convent, and a school, was renovated extensively over a period starting in 1959.

Franciscan monastery Zarautz Camino del Norte Spain

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There’s a reason I don’t usually stop for lunch and drinks while walking the Camino de Santiago and this day was a good example. Sure I enjoyed myself but after spending an hour at the café with my walking companions, eating and sipping Spanish beer, I stood up, and didn’t feel like walking at all. Actually, I felt like taking a nap. My goal for the day was not nearby Zarautz, but Deba, over 25 kilometers away, and I had to get myself motivated and moving.

I left my last post, On the Camino Del Norte in Spain, Munioetazar to Orio, facing the Río Orio and its port area. The river has its headwaters in the foothills of Sierra de Aizkorri and travels about 78 kilometers where it empties into the Bay of Biscay near this spot. It was badly polluted through the years but reportedly, is slowly recovering.

Orio rio Camino del Norte Spain Basque

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I learned something on my first two days on the Camino del Norte that would be a common theme for most of my days  — once you descend to sea level, there is usually a climb right ahead. So I had just completed over a 350 meter climb from San Sebastián to the farming community of Munioetazar and began my descent to the town of Orio. This day was also typical of most by the sea for each climb had a series of descents where you made up the lost elevation. Each descent usually had climbs soon followed by a loss of that elevation and more. It was no wonder that I was exhausted by the end of each day!

I found my walking companions on a patio of a café in one of the small communities before Munioetazar, and after a short break of my own, we were on our way. I left my last post, On the Camino Del Norte in Spain, San Sebastián to Munioetazar, overlooking this beautiful scene with the Basque farmhouse and the Bay of Biscay. A nearby sign stated that we have nine kilometers to Orio. Let’s continue…

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