Closer To You, My Interview with Emerging Singer Korie Anne

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Like a meteor crashing through the atmosphere. It’s your gravity alone that always brings me here. Though I’m falling even faster than I wanted to. Getting closer…. Closer to you… Lyrics from Closer To You. Written and published by Brett Boyett & Caitlin Alise Parrot ©2012. Vocals by Korie Anne.


I have been out of the music scene for a few years now, after being tossed out — okay, led out — of a record company office in Los Angeles by a security guard secretary, after they denied my begging and pleading to at least listen to my songwriter demo. A lot has taken place since then, but when I decided to include interviews on my blog, I immediately thought of musicians and songwriters. I had met one singer on Twitter after she brought her new song to my attention. To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised that not only she was a brilliant singer, the song was catchy and produced very well. I was even more surprised when I found out later that she was only 14 years old. Influenced by Adele and Christina Perri, this singer is determined to make her own way to the top of the music industry. I’m so happy that she along with her manager agreed to join me on my blog. Please welcome manager Dave Seguss and from Sacramento, California, this is…

Korie Anne

Closer To You, Singer Korie Anne


 “Being able to go on stage and reach out to your audience is the best feeling in the world”


RSG: Korie Anne, You’re only 14 but you’ve already had years of singing experience. When did you realize that you wanted to become a music artist?

KA: My first singing talent show at the age of 12. People came up to me left and right telling me I really needed to pursue the business, as well as my mom who was already managing another singer at the time.


RSG: Which music artist are you most inspired by and why?

KA: I cant really say one inspiration but for sure, I have a few, and they are Adele, Christina Perri, Emeli Sande, and Rebecca Ferguson. They are all very strong, talented, and amazing woman who touch people so much through their music.


RSG: Other than someone in music, who else inspires you?

KA: My mom Cindy, dad Dave, and Manager Dave Seguss. These three push me everyday to be the best I can, and because of them, my drive and passion are stronger than ever.


Korie Anne, Dave Seguss, Closer To You Sessions

Korie Anne and Dave Seguss


RSG: Dave, you first saw Korie Anne performing on a YouTube video. What were your first thoughts?

DS: My first thoughts in a word were WOW. At the time, I was heavily featuring new artists on my promotional website every day and I had someone that I planned to feature that day already. First though, I thought I would check out my new subs on YouTube, new Facebook likes, and new Twitter followers. Well, Korie Anne was a new Twitter follower and I was blown away by her rendition of Adele’s Turning Tables. I decided there and then, without another thought, to feature her on my website that day.


RSG: You have been Korie Anne’s manager for many months now and have gotten to know her well. How has she handled the spotlight and what about her has impressed you the most?

DS: She handles the spotlight very well, in fact she thrives on it. Her live performances as well as her studio presence are living proof of that. She can be a quiet, maybe even timid young lady at times, especially when first getting to know her, but put a microphone in her hand and she blossoms instantly into a star. It truly is her vocation in life to perform.


RSG: What do you feel she needs to work on?

DS: I would like to see her work on walking away from time to time, as strange as that might sound. She is a very determined young lady and if she walks into her music room with it in her head to record something, then she won’t walk out again until she knows it went to plan, even if it means being up half the night. Sometimes though, I think the key is to walk away, do something else, then go back and try again later.


RSG: Korie Anne, I didn’t know your age until a few days after you brought your song to my attention on Twitter. Your vocals in Closer To You sound, dare I say, very mature. Besides your natural ability, what have you done to develop your style?

KA: My manager Dave came along and said it’s time to switch things up and he started developing me as an artist right away. Choosing songs that really fit my voice as well as changing my image.


Single Cover , Closer To You by Korie Anne

RSG: Let’s get to the song, Closer To You. It was cowritten and produced by Brett Boyett. Did you know Brett beforehand and how did you discover the song?

KA: My mom had a relationship with Brett from before. She was handling another singer who worked with him on her entire album.


RSG: What was the demo like and did you know that it was for you right away?

KA: OMG, the minute we heard the song we knew for sure it was me. Young, fun and upbeat.


RSG: Dave, Closer To You crosses many genres – pop, country, Adult Contemporary, even jazz. It’s not a teenage pop song. What was your approach to the recording?

DS: I approached it knowing what I wanted, we had already been sent 10 demos that were very much pop songs and I said that they just wasn’t Korie. I wanted something more adult contemporary sounding. Something along the lines of Adele. I wanted something that could easily appeal to all ages from 5 to 95, not just a teen audience.


RSG: Dave, did you give any special directions or did you leave it with the producer?

DS: As far as the recording of it, I left it totally up to the producer, I decided he knew best and his ideas shouldn’t be interfered with. When we received what was to be the final mix of it though, I was not totally happy, and at that point, I made it clear that I wanted things changed. I was glad I did as well, and that I stood firm because I absolutely loved the following final mix a lot.

Dave Seguss, Closer To You Sessions, Singer Korie Anne



RSG: Korie Anne, was this your first experience in a recording studio and what did you think?

KA: Yes, first experience and let me tell you I was nervous. But Brett and Stewart (Engineer, Stewart Cararas) both really made me feel relaxed and it helped tons having Dave there with me as well. Except when he was sleeping, see here for proof…





RSG: Sorry, Dave. That was Korie Anne’s idea.

Korie Anne, you sound very relaxed and confident. How did you approach the recording in the studio, compared with singing live in front of an audience?

KA: To me, nothing compares to performing live but the studio experience was amazing. I just wanted to go in and have fun and make awesome memories.


RSG: Which do you like better, in the studio or performing live?

KA: Live performance is a rush. Being able to go on stage and reach out to your audience is the best feeling in the world.

Closer To You Sessions, Singer Korie Anne with Brett Boyett


RSG: My favorite part of Closer To You is the transition from the verse into the pre-chorus. It’s not only very well written, but performed very well. Korie Anne, what did you feel you had to do to bring the chorus out so strong?

KA: I believe I’m a pretty strong singer to begin with so I just put myself into the song and sang it with lots of passion.


RSG: The bridge is also a strong part of the song.

KA: Yes. I just think the whole song is amazing. From the beginning to the end, it has your attention and is just one of those songs that stick right away.


RSG: The video for Closer To You was just released. Can you explain the process with making the video.

KA: Wow …..well being that we did this video ourselves. It was a first time experience for all of us, and tons of work went into it. But we are all so proud and cant wait to do the next one. Lots of videos and many hours of editing but we did it. GOOD JOB TEAM!!!! LOL

DS: I told Korie and her mum what I expected of the video, and they went out to record and then went home and uploaded the videos to our shared online storage. Then they went out again a few days later to shoot some more. We decided that we needed some clips where she was not singing but doing other things, so they did a third lot of recordings. Then it was time for me to get stuck in and learn the basics of video editing to piece together a video. For a first attempt at doing something like that, I was more than happy with the results.


RSG: What are your plans for the near future? What are your challenges?

KA: We are aiming to at least release an EP if not a full album with the help of the Kickstarter program. From there, we hope to reach out to touring companies to get on the road. Always lots of challenges, but we make a great team so I have lots of confidence in us. 🙂

DS: In addition to what Korie has said, I now need to get her noticed as much as possible. I have a list of websites that I would love to see her featured on and I will be hitting them up to see what I can do. I would also like her to be getting rotation on as many online radio stations as possible. This is all a build up in preparation to getting her real time airplay if possible.


RSG: Korie Anne, Camino means journey in Spanish. I’ve blabbered enough about my journey on this website. Tell us about your journey and where would you like it to lead?

KA: From the start, Dave and I were both new to the music world, but we had dreams we wanted to accomplish and decided to do them together. I’d love to be a household name and get out there and make a difference. I feel with Dave guiding me, and God in my heart, we will both get there.

Thanks to you both for joining me. I wish you the best of success. Now everyone, please watch Korie Anne’s new video, Closer To You.

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  1. I’ve had to stop by and have another look at this amazing interview Randall, and I thought I would also show my appreciation here for all that you did, thank you so much.

    • Thanks so much, Dave. I enjoyed the interview, and your’s and Korie Anne’s well-thought-out answers. You are an excellent team and I wish both of you all the best. I know with you helping to guide the way, Korie Anne will be successful 🙂

  2. Your work are great contribution for entire blogosphere Camino ,Thanks for sharing 🙂

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