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The greatest thrill while experiencing nature often comes when you least expect it. That’s exactly what happened to me as I began my descent of Panorama Ridge in Garibaldi Provincial Park on a summer’s evening. After spending hours on the ridge, I had barley descended when a family of Ptarmigan came to visit. To be more precise, since it was their home, I was visiting them.

I have written a few posts featuring one of my favourite places, Garibaldi Provincial Park, north of Vancouver, Canada, including Views From Panorama Ridge On A Clear Summer’s Day. Now let’s visit the Ptarmigan.

This is the Rock Ptarmigan of Garibaldi Park.

Ptarmigan Garibaldi provincial Park Canada

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One of my favorite places to visit in the Vancouver, British Columbia area is the Reifel Bird Sanctuary. I try to get out there at least a couple of times every year for a relaxing walk in nature.  There are numerous trails to explore that wind through different areas of the 300-hectare (740-acre) property famous for its resident ducks, many songbirds, Sandhill Cranes, and Bald Eagles. Another important visitor is the Lesser Snow Goose which can be seen in the adjacent and nearby fields numbering in the hundreds or even thousands. There is nothing like seeing an entire field covered in a sea of white from these geese.

The sun was out and the temperature was cool on this late November day . It was perfect for some fresh air and exercise. After visiting ducks, ducks, and more ducks near the entrance — along with a few chickadees and sparrows — my walking partner and I made our way to the far reaches of the sanctuary that is accessible by us non-bird folk. Here, in the open waters away from the trees, near the marshes and the sea, we were able to witness something I hadn’t seen for a long, long time. I will ask you, dear visitor to Camino My Way, have you ever seen…


 Ducks On Ice!

ducks ice 4 Reifel bird sanctuary

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